Meet The World’s Most Advanced F22 Raptor Fighter Jet

When the world was thinking about fifth-generation fighter jets, when F 22 Raptor American fighter jet first flew in 1997, We were talking about American fighter jets that America never wanted to sell. Even after that, other countries like Japan tried hard to get this fighter jet, why did they not want to sell it, we will know the details about it today.

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The Number One Most Advanced F22 Raptor Fighter Jet

We will discuss this article in 4 parts, The First will be about the F22 fighter jet power. The second will be about the armament, The third will be tactical avionics and the Fourth will be about sensor fusion, Guys, let’s talk about power here. There are 2 powerful engines f119pw100 and this engine produces a dry thrust of 116 kilonewtons, and the total thrust of 2 engines is 232 kilonewtons. And the power of singularity is 156-kilo newtons then the total energy is 312-kilo newtons, This fighter jet incorporates 2D US technology,

Let’s talk about speed. The maximum speed of this fighter jet is 2.25 Mach and the maximum speed at high altitude and low altitude is 1.21 Mach. Rate of climb range is 330 meters per sec and maximum service Ceiling is 65000 feet, From the rate of service ceiling and climb range we understand that it is an Air Superior fighter jet. As we go further we will understand why we mistakenly fear collision with another fighter jet, the F22 fighter jet.

Now we discuss about range, Its combined range is 850 km to 1100 km with internal fuel and 3220 km with 2 drop oil tanks. And with full internal fuel and armament the thrust to weight ratio is 1.08, Next, let’s talk about the cost of flying, the cost of flying this fighter jet is USD 60000, Which is more than any other fighter jet in the whole world, which is more than F 35.

Now we talk about weapons, This fighter jet can carry flies the world’s deadliest weapons because its internal beam can take the most weapons. It has the capability to engage air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground missiles, A box below will name the weapon.

Now let’s talk about the F22 radar, This radar has a maximum range of 200 to 250 km. This fighter jet can track multiple fighter jets simultaneously. It has GTMI technology, When the ground detects something, the system supports what type of object is on the ground, Like there are big ships or small ships.

Friends, Safe and Secure Data Link of Link 16 are installed in this, America is called James Proof. It enables safe and secure communication, Friends, you can understand why F22 is called an advanced fighter jet. We discuss further below why this fighter jet is so advanced.

The main reason for the advancement of this fighter jet is its stealth value. The radar Cross Section(RCS) of this fighter jet is 0.001. So you understand that the F22 fighter jet looks like a small bird on a radar that is very difficult to track. And as long as he tries to track, he will do his thing and leave, which you don’t even know, This is the mine advanced side of this fighter jet.

ManufacturerLockheed Martin Aeronautics
Rolestealth, supercruise, maneuverability
AirframeLength: 62 ft 1 in, 16 ft 8 in
Wingspan44 ft 6 in
Wing Area840 sq ft
Weight19,700 kg
Range 3,000 km
Ceiling65,000 ft 
Max SpeedMach 2.25
Max G-rating+9.0/−3.0
WeaponsGuns: 1× 20 mm M61A2 Vulcan rotary cannon, 480 rounds Internal weapons bays: Air-to-air mission loadout: 6× AIM-120 AMRAAM 2× AIM-9 Sidewinder Air-to-ground mission loadout: 2× 1,000 lb (450 kg) JDAM or 8× 250 lb (110 kg) GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs 2× AIM-120 AMRAAM 2× AIM-9 Sidewinder
Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Specifications

Hope you guys got everything you wanted to know about F22, And if you have no doubts, We will like it, If you are satisfied, our trouble will be worthwhile, thank you

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