Anupamaa, 19th July 2022,  Kavya asks Vanraj for adoption

In today’s episode, Anuj tells Anupama that there wasn’t that much drama in the Shah house as he expected.

She agrees and tells Toshu needs time. Anuj says it’s understandable that Toshu might be feeling like his child won’t be the only one to be getting all the attention.

Anupama tells even Kinjal would’ve felt like that a bit as she won’t be giving her full attention and now it will be divided between Anu and Kinjal’s child.

They reach their house and Anupama tells Anuj that he should put Anu to sleep everyday by resting bedtime stories and reciting shayaris to her. 

They see that Anu is sleeping and Anuj tells that he’s scared to lift her. Anupama carries her inside the house.

 Anupama will stop giving attention to her previous children now that Anu is here. Pakhi tells that people will make fun of her that her mother at this age adopted another child.

They disconnect the call telling they’ll meet soon. Vanraj comes and warns her not to meet him. Later, Kavya asks Vanraj if they can also adopt a daughter and he gets shocked.

next day, Anupama wakes up and panics after not finding Anu in the house. Anuj and Anupama then see Anu watering the plants and get happy. 

Anu greets them and tells them that she took a bath herself. Anupama tells her that she’ll cook whatever she wants. Vanraj tells he received an interview for a multinational company.

 Anu, GK, Anuj, Anupama and Sara drink chocolate milkshake and enjoy. They talk about how i depend Anu is at her own age. Ankush tells Barkha to be nice to Anu so she can get along with Anupama.

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