Top 10 Best Police Dog Breeds In The World All Time 

German Shepherd

This is most certainly a ‘German Spec’ Shepherd and can be considered the Boss in its personality.


 Rottweilers are notoriously known for being the most fierce in temperament and aggressive in their actions.

Belgian Tervueren

 Belgian Tervueren, the name itself is a similar concord to the word “Terror” and exactly as terrifying as it looks as well.


 Doberman can be classed as one of the new kids on the block apart from the other breeds. He's not a very biggie.

Giant Shnautzer

Giant Schnauzer is sure to intimidate any other dog that’s smaller in line of sight and would frighten criminals too.

Dutch German Shepherd

Police have adopted and trained Dutch German Shepherd’s for several reasons over the years, best police dog breeds.

Labrador Retriever

Here is one furry friend that is considered to be one of the cutest looking dogs to mainly the females of the world.

Boxer Dog

As the name suggests, this is a more fighter dog and among the best police dog breeds. There are primarily two types of Boxer dogs.


The bloodhound is really a dog with large hung ears, which makes it rather unique in appearance from the rest.

German Short-Haired Pointer

A very short dog as its name suggests. The German short-haired pointer is among the best police dog breeds.

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