Top 10 Countries That Offer Easy e-visa To Indians


The Maldives needs no introduction, and it has grown popular as a tourist hotspot for all the right reasons.


Blessed with stunning landscape, lush jungle, beautiful countryside, and glistening rice fields.


With well-connected flights and an easy e-visa application process, Singapore is also one of the most preferred destinations.


Famed for beautiful temples, this destination is also quite popular among travelers, and is one of the best places.


This Southeast Asian country is quite popular among Indians for its rich cultural heritage, and opulent temples.


Malaysia recently announced that Indians will now be able to avail of visas on arrival to make travel hassle-free for travellers.


Visit this popular destination to explore its mesmerizing beauty, too without worrying about visa-related issues.


The exotic aura of this place will surprise you, to say the least. Visit this island nation to create some memorable moments.


With affordable flight tickets and being a budget destination, Vietnam remains on the wishlist of almost all travelers.


Fiji is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for beach lovers. It's surreal beauty.

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