Top 10 Marvel Heroes Black Adam

Black Adam Would Take Down Hulk Before He Got Too Strong

Hulk is amazing in a fight but he's not unbeatable.

Thor Would Be A Great Challenge For Black Adam, But He'd Triumph

Thor has faced down some of the most dangerous foes imaginable.

Black Adam Would Destroy Iron Man

Iron Man is one of Marvel's most iconic heroes. His Black Adam will beat him.

Hyperion Versus Black Adam Would Be Epic But Hyperion Would Lose

Hyperion is one of Marvel's most powerful heroes.

Black Adam Would Quickly Overwhelm The Thing

He can hit hard but against someone like Black Adam, that won't be enough.

Colossus Wouldn't Hold Out For Long Against Black Adam

Colossus comes from a family of powerful mutants.

Spider-Man's Spider-Sense Wouldn't Save Him From Black Adam

The problem is that Black Adam is so much faster than Spider-Man.

Captain Marvel Has Black Adam Beat In Some Places But Not Enough To Win

Captain Marvel is extremely powerful and she has some definite advantages over Black Adam.

Wonder Man Would Be Overwhelmed By Black Adam

The Avengers is full of powerhouses, and Wonder Man has always been among the most potent.

Black Panther Is Good But He Doesn't Have The Power To Stand Up To Black Adam

Black Panther is one of Marvel's greatest heroes. While he doesn't have the raw power of many others.

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