LeSean McCoy: Asante Samuel recalls the downfall of Nnamdi Asomugha 

The name Nnamdi Asomugha will make indeed the most toughened Eagles addict shiver. His time in Philadelphia was one of the biggest traces in ballot history.

And in line with former Eagles stars LeSean McCoy and Asante Samuel, they knew it had been a slip on the primary day of coaching camp back in 2011.

Samuel and McCoy cut it up a few ton of stuff- however one topic they were each wildly hooked in to was explaining the downfall of the Asomugha Era in Philly.

Shady had a very piercing story regarding Asomugha's 1st day of 1- on- 1s in coaching camp in 2011, one which will fully blow your mind.

ASANTE( Asomugha was a) joe that was just overrated and, you know, they gave a lot of pub to because of whatever. 

" SHADY You remember that one practice? So Nnamdi was like a big draw. I do remember his name, I will not lie and say I do not know his name. When I was in my first time,

we played the Raiders. DeSean( Jackson) was becoming a superstar, right? Going up top. The whole week they were attempting to seek out how to induce DeSean off the jam with Nnamdi.

I am young, I am 20. I do not know how that is supposed to work. So that is however I learned his name. once delegacy came i used to be like, Oh damn, we tend to have gotten Nnamdi?'

" ASANTE I already understand that ain't what it's. I already understand. " SHADY once we got him, the primary observe everybody's like,' Yo, oh my god, Nnamdi.

It's his first 1- on- 1.' He is the only dude I have ever seen jam( DeSean Jackson). He compete like he ain't wanting to hit him. therefore after we had Nnamdi, it had been his 1st one- on- 1 at apply.

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