Top 10 Most Award Winning Korean Dramas Ranked All Time

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun hit Korean dramas that conquered the hearts of millions and excelled in the TV ratings.

My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star has performed very well in the film industry, with an award-winning performance.

Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers, there have been several versions of romance, comedy, addiction, and more come into play.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is one of the most popular Korean dramas that have been airing on KBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

SKY Castle

SKY Castle has been the most popular Korean drama this year, not just in Korea but also in China.


This drama is ranked as the most-watched Korean drama and achieved a rating of 40% within 16 episodes.

My Mister

My Mister Most is a ranking of the most excellent and award-winning Korean dramas of all time.


The Stranger is a South Korean Drama that was first aired on and had a total of 16 episodes.


City Hunter is a South Korean television drama broadcast on SBS from July 2011 to January 2012, with a total of 20 episodes.

Fight for My Way

Most popular Korean dramas follow the story of a girl who does taekwondo and a boy who is a swimming champion.

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