Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals Of The World


The most beautiful capital city, London, the city of the Kings and Queens, is situated on the River Thames


Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan lies on the Potohar Plateau, one of the earliest sites of human settlements in Asia.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, has great historical significance. It is a country belonging to a hard-working nation.


This beautiful city lies on the north bank of the Potomac River and exhibits four distinct seasons. is the capital of the US.


Paris, the city of love, the city of lights, the international capital of style, is the capital of France.


Rome, Italy’s capital, is a city with 2.9 million residents and is also the 4th most populous city in the European Union.


Tokyo, officially known as Tokyo Metropolitan is the capital of Japan and is also the largest metropolitan area in the world.


The name Budapest was coined by combining the name of two cities, ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’, which became one in 1873.


Ottawa, being the capital of Canada, is also situated near River Ottawa in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario.


Moscow is the capital of Russia and it is also the largest city on the European continent. Ranked last but not least.

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