Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces In The World 2022


Blackpink’s Lisa – the most beautiful face 2022. The 24 years old Thai-born South Korean sensation.

Emilie Marie Nereng

The 26 years old Norwegian blogger Emilie Nerang is in second place in the list of top 100 most beautiful faces of 2021.

Halima Aden

The first hijab-wearing supermodel, 24, Halima Aden comes in 3rd place. BBC named her as one of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2021.

Ivana Alawi

Actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi is this year’s fourth most beautiful on TC Candler’s list. Last year she was at No. 11.

Nancy Jewel

Nancy Jewel McDonie, professionally as Nancy or Nancy Momoland, is ranked the No. 5 most beautiful face of 2021.

Yael Shelbia

The 2020 winner Israeli model Yael Shelbia secured the sixth position this year. Yael Shelbia is an Orthodox beautiful Jewish girl.


TWICE’s Tzuyu is the youngest and only Taiwanese singer of the girl group under JYP Entertainment.

Jasmine Tookes

The supermodel, 30, Jasmine Tookes is the 8th most beautiful face of 2021. This former Victoria’s Secret Angel is on the list 7 times.


This pretty South Korean girl was chosen as the 9th most beautiful face in the world. She graced many magazine covers.

Kaylyn Slevin

Model and actress Kaylyn Slevin come at No. 10 on the list. Kaylyn Slevin is a multi-talented personality.

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