Top 10 Most Popular Yellow Snakes Pet In The World

Eyelash Pit Viper

The eyelash pit viper is a vibrant and dazzling yellow snake that lives in the forests and jungles of Central and South America.

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake

The yellow-bellied sea snake is a vivid and striking snake that lives in tropical waters in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Ball Python

The ball python is a stocky, nonvenomous snake found in West and Central Africa.This snake’s name comes from its defensive strategy.

Mangrove Snake

The mangrove snake (or yellow-ringed cat snake) is one of the largest species of cat snakes. This snake is typically 6-7 feet long with a very heavy body.

Western Shovelnose Snake

The Western shovelnose snake is a smaller nonvenomous snake, measuring between 11-17 inches long with smooth scales.

Jungle Carpet Python

The jungle carpet python lives in the rainforests of Queensland, Australia, where it enjoys hanging out in the trees.

Ring-Neck Snake

The ring-neck snake is a thin black snake with smooth scales and a yellow or orange ring around its neck.

Eastern Hognose Snake

The Eastern Hognose Snake is a thick-bodied snake with an upturned nose for burrowing through loose sand and soil.

Laotian Wolf Snake

The Laotian Wolf Snake is a stunning black snake with lemon-yellow crossbands. Near its head the yellow bands are thicker.

Banded Krait

The Banded Krait is the largest species of krait snakes, measuring 6-7 feet in length. This snake has an electric yellow body.

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