10 Most Villainous Heroes In Anime

Lelouch Lamperouge Was A Dark Mastermind

he was a complete villain regarding it, which meant he unbroken antagonistic everybody around him, together with his sis Nunnally,

Thorfinn Karlsefni Is The Viking Guts

In several regards, the Northman soul Thorfinn Karlsefni from Vinland adventure story is like Guts.

Guts Has Said & Done Dark Things

The seinen agonist Guts from Berserk fights permanently, however he seldom acts find it irresistible.

Naofumi Iwatani Went Dark For Awhile There

In Season a pair of of The Rising Of The protect Hero, protagonist Naofumi Iwatani formed up as associate degree isekai hero,

Revy Commits Every Crime There Is

The impoverished varlet Revy is loyal to her crewmates, however otherwise, something goes wherever this wild agonist cares

Ken Kaneki Went Berserk At Times

Tokyo Ghoul's Ken Kaneki is that the seinen hero United Nations agency ne'er went altogether unhealthy

Alucard Walks & Talks Like A Villain

Vampires ar typically villains, although some comedy series depict cute, change evil spirit ladies as a novelty.

Lupin III Steals Things For Fun

upine III could be a master outlaw World Health Organization can swipe close to any treasure that interests him,

Eren Yeager Is The Titan Light Yagami

Vampires square measure typically villains, although some comedy series depict cute, alter lamia ladies as a novelty.

Light Yagami Became The World's Greatest Criminal

he became the world's worst criminal himself. Light did it all — he used individuals

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