Top 10 Quiet Pet Bird Species In The World


Finch could be a tiny bird species. they're social and are available in an exceedingly sort of colours. area unit|they're} usually quiet birds and are terribly stunning.


The Canary may be a little and quiet bird species found within the wild. The Canary may be a terribly little, colorful, songster that appears sort of a miniature canary.


Budgerigar could be a tiny, friendly pet bird species found within the wild in Australia. they're additionally referred to as paroquet or parroquet.


Parrotlets ar the tiniest species of parrots and, as such, ar a perfect selection for those who ar searching for a smaller bird.


The Nymphicus hollandicus could be a little bird species within the world. it's a really loyal and warm temperament and it’s easy to tame.

Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrot could be a species of parrot within the family Psittacidae family. Senegal Parrots area unit one in every of the foremost intriguing and intelligent pet birds.

Bourke’s Parrot

Bourke’s Parrot could be a little, quiet pet bird species that originates from Australia. it's a awfully widespread pet with a large temperament.

Bourke’s Parrot

Dove birds ar one in every of the most effective tiny pet birds. they're light, simple to worry for, and that they ar ideal for individuals with allergies.

Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrot may be a comparatively quiet bird species. Pionus parrots area unit well-liked pet birds which will be simply trained.

Button Quail

The Button Quail could be a little bird species that square measure thought-about to be a domestic pet. it's native to Australia, New Guinea, and also the male monarch Islands.

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