Top 10 Reasons Why Thor Is The Most Powerful Avenger All Time

Thor Has Valuable Connections

Thor has been in a different category than the other Avengers since birth. With feats like destroying the Bifrost,

Thor Is Practically Immortal

Thor is resistant to injury and is also built to survive on a molecular level. As seen in Avengers Infinity War.

Thor Is Immune To Diseases

Thor exhibits superhuman healing, especially in periods of distress. His body is built to receive hits.

Thor Has His Hammer, Mjolnir

As audiences have gathered throughout the films and the comic books, Thor does not gain his power through his hammer.

Thor Has The Ability To Fly

This perk of Thor's trusty sidekick sets him apart from some of the other warriors in Asgard and Earth.

Thor Can Shoot God Blasts

It is a catastrophic blast that has the capability to kill any target, human or immortal.

Thor Has A Noble Heart And Mind

It took Thor years to be worthy to wield his hammer. Through sacrifice, duty, humility, and perseverance.

Thor Maintains Relationships With Jane, Loki, And The Avengers

He came to understand the needs of the people on Earth and saw them more as equals than subjects.

Thor Has The Most Experience

A Thor clarifies in Infinity War that he's been fighting for good across the Nine Realms for hundreds of years.

Thor Has Valuable Connections

Thor has allies across the nine realms and intimate friendships with influential people like Heimdall.

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