Top 10 Strongest Attacks in Pokemon, Ranked


The explosion is an incredibly strong move in the world of Pokemon, so strong that it takes out the user.


Scald is a Special Attack in the Pokémon Games. It is super effective against Grass, Ice, and Steel-Type Pokémon.


Outrage is a type of attack in the Pokemon universe. In the games, Outrage increases the user's Attack.


The Moonblast is one of the strongest attacks in Pokemon, and it is also one of the most beautiful ones.

Hyper Beam

One of the strongest attacks back in the day was Hyper Beam, a powerful move that can do up to a lot of damage.

Focus Punch

The Focus Punch is a Physical Attack that has a base power of 150. The user’s Speed stat is ignored.


Boomburst is a special attack that has been introduced in the latest games, Pokemon Sun and Moon.


The eruption is a special attack because it gives Charizard a new way to attack and defend itself.


Spore is a new game for the Nintendo Switch that allows you to collect Pokemon and battle other trainers.

Foul play

Where by the nature, Strength is the name of the game when it comes to the Pokemon franchise.

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