Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters Ranked


Galactus gets really hangry, shows up, and then eats entire planets. He has already been the doom of countless civilizations.

Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier is not physically very strong. However, his mind is the most dangerous weapon on planet Earth.


 Anyone who has seen Deadpool 2 knows the strength and power of our next character: the Juggernaut.


 Apocalypse's first appearance was within the X-Factor comic series and more precisely within the X-Factor #5 back in 1986.


 The Loki of the comics has been able to rewrite reality and wield incredible magical powers. He is immortal invulnerable.

Incredible Hulk

 Incredible Hulk made his first appearance the same year as Loki did at the Incredible Hulk #1 back in 1962.


 It is tempting to underestimate Magneto. Magneto is one of the strongest Marvel characters in comics history.

Jean Grey

 Jean Grey is very powerful on her own. As an Omega-level telepath, she rivals Professor X in terms of raw mental powers.


 Loki and Thor are both quite strong, who is stronger than both of these characters put together? None other than Odin of Asgard.


Thanos is another character who starts strong and just gets stronger. By himself, he has super-strength, speed, and invulnerability.

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